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The Community Schools Alliance is a group of community-led primary, secondary and Kura schools from across New Zealand

We’ve come together out of concern at what the Hub Plan will mean for schools, students and parents.

Every member of the Community Schools Alliance has made a contribution to the campaign from locally raised funds on behalf of themselves, their communities and the 2431 state and integrated schools in New Zealand.

A New Zealand Herald report of our launch can be found here.

What is the Hub Plan?

The Government is looking at introducing the Hub plan, a radical proposal from the Tomorrow's Schools taskforce which will take away community leadership and return schools to a centralised model not seen since 1989.

The "Hub" Model

Parental involvement in the governance of schools will end and bureaucrats will take over the running of our schools through the creation of new Government offices called “Hubs”.

This will lead to a one-size-fits-all approach to our schooling controlled by central Government. The diversity that makes our schools great will be lost.

Members of the Community Schools Alliance include: