About the New Zealand
Education System

Our 2431 public and integrated schools and communities work together to produce a top class public education system for our kids.

Since 1989, our schools have been responsible to their communities through Boards of Trustees, who are mostly elected from parents, old boys and girls, and community members. Schools have direct, high level parental and community involvement in deciding the culture, philosophy and environment that’s right for a particular school and its community.

That ensures the incredible diversity of New Zealand’s schools, letting parents and communities choose the kinds of schools they want.

The system works. Government data shows that over 93% of the 2431 schools in New Zealand are operating well and do not need any kind of government intervention. Demand for private education outside the public school system is down to 3.4%. Meanwhile our students continue to thrive – in 2017 New Zealand schools were ranked the best internationally for preparing students for the future.