The Great Things About New Zealand's Education System

  1. Since 1989 schools have been community led. Governments own statistics show that 94% of our schools are operating successfully without any need for central Government support.
  2. A national educational system with direct, and high-level parental engagement has meant the vast majority of our schools can meet the needs of its individual students and whānau.
  3. Schools reflect their communities, having the independence and flexibility to meet the needs of their communities.
  4. Community-led Boards of Trustees can appoint principals and teachers who are the best fit for their school and guide school culture and long-term strategy.
  5. Our school system has a rich diversity, including co-educational, single sex, Kura, integrated and faith based schools.
  6. Our state and state integrated schools are so successful that demand for private education is 3.4% (in NSW 42% of secondary students attend private schools).
  7. The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and Education Review Office (ERO) are independent bodies.
  8. Teachers in New Zealand state and state integrated schools willingly donate their time to provide students with extracurricular opportunities and educational experiences.
  9. Our quality of education is world renowned. International education earns $5.1 billion annually for the New Zealand economy.