The Problems With The Hub Plan

  1. Schools will no longer be community led – instead Boards of Trustees will hand over the governance of their school to government regional offices called “Hubs” which will oversee 125 schools.
  2. Principals and teachers are no longer employed by schools – instead the “Hub” becomes the direct employer, with the ability to move principals and staff across schools in their region.
  3. Schooling structures could change dramatically – the Taskforce propose an American model with the creation of Primary (Y1-Y6), Middle (Y7-Y10) and Senior schools (Y11-Y13).
  4. Kura schools will lose their independence - returning to direct Crown-control.
  5. The one size fits all solution will not meet the needs of all our differing school communities.

There are much greater pressing needs in our education system. Our teachers are underpaid, leading to our teacher supply being at crisis point. Our schools are chronically underfunded and too many of our Māori and Pasifika children are not achieving at the level of their peers.

The Tomorrow's Schools Taskforce has made some other proposals that we agree are necessary in our sector and are long overdue. However, the Government could adopt these recommendations now without handing controls of schools to “Hubs” at the expense of local communities:

The implementation of "Hubs" will irreversibly change our schools as we know them.